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     Huafan Museum is located in Huafan University, Integrating itself with the wooded areas of Dalunshan to create an atmosphere of natural beauty. Its collections not only has over five thousands years of Chinese historical and cultural artifacts, but also over two thousands of Buddhist art treasures and the calligraphy and painting of many masters. The Museum is divided into the Chinese cultur...

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    司徒錦鷹vs王力紅老師真愛生活雙人展開幕茶會於華梵大學文物館舉辦。 11:30李校長主持開幕,教務長蔡傳暉、文學院林正儀院長、藝術學院黃智陽院長、工程學院林智玲院長、文物館陳娟珠主任、莊兵、林彩藝、李治華老師、及李源海老師 (香港春風畫會台灣分會長、九陽雅集藝文學會理事長) 、涂進財理事長 (九陽雅集藝文學會前理事長會)、范乾海老師(新竹文化局水墨畫老師) 、施炳亮理事長及莊兵老師帶領東研所博士班釋見歡、莊興業、羅海濤、李恭勝等師生參觀,約80人參加。中華花藝學會理事長陳美碧來館贊助花藝。

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